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Linux Hardening & How It's Done | Cleverism Sep 25, 2019 Hardened/FAQ - Gentoo Wiki - Gentoo Linux Introduction. The following is a collection of questions collected from #gentoo-hardened IRC channel and the gentoo-hardened mailing list. As such, is geared towards answering fast and concisely rather than providing a whole insight on the technologies behind Gentoo Hardened. Chapter 2. Basic Hardening Guide - Fedora Project

Hardening Guide - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4

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Patch the Operating System. It is extremely important that the operating system and various …

Fedora, Gentoo (Hardened Gentoo & Pentoo) and Debian (Kali Linux) are probably your best choice for consumer-facing distributions. They can be hardened by an experienced admin and you're taking advantage of large developer communities. Hardening the Linux server - ibm.com The first step in hardening a GNU/Linux server is determining the server's function, which determines the services that need to be installed on it. For example, if the server in question is used as a web server, you should install Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/ PHP/ Python (LAMP) services. If the server is used for directory services, the only GitHub - hardenedlinux/harbian-audit: Hardened Debian GNU Hardened Debian GNU/Linux and CentOS 8 distro auditing. The main test environment is in debian GNU/Linux 9/10 and CentOS 8, and other versions are not fully tested. There are no implementations of desktop and SELinux related items in this release. AWS Marketplace: Hardened Amazon Linux 2