Sep 07, 2018 Using a laptop to play PS3 through HDMI [Solved] - CCM Jul 07, 2020 How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 | PC-MIND Update your PS4. It is mandatory to update your video game to 3.50, this you go through the … How to Play PS3 on a Laptop Screen | Our Pastimes

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Well, you ask “How do I connect the PS3 to the laptop using the HDMI port?” This question could have several possible meanings, so I will take the time out of my day to answer each of them individually. First possible meaning: You want to connect PS3 on a Computer Monitor using HDMI cable ONLY - YouTube Mar 14, 2013

May 03, 2010

How do I connect my laptop as a monitor to ps3 Laptop's can't display incoming signals. You can display out-goings on a TV screen etc; and you can get some TV on laptops, but you can't plug a device like a PS3 into a laptop and display the How to Connect Ps3 to Monitor. : 3 Steps - Instructables How to Connect Ps3 to Monitor.: First you need: PS3 monitor(has DVI-D (HDCP) Input) HDMI/ DVI-D (HDCP) cable If you want hear voices you need: RCA cable cable thats other head goes to your speakers and other head to R and L audio of you'r RCA cable