Apr 29, 2019

Oct 31, 2008 How-to Ping IP Address and Check DNS Settings In this video tutorial you will see how to test TCP IP connection by using the ping command. Ping is the most important troubleshooting command and it checks the connectivity with the other computers. For example your system’s IP address is and your network servers’ IP address is How to change DNS settings on your PC running Windows 10 Apr 17, 2020 Tips To Check If DNS Server Is Working Correctly | TinyDNS.org

Jun 14, 2020

How to find out which dns server I am using in DNS If you're using root hints, there's really no way to know. Root hints are pointers to the 13 "root" DNS servers - the servers that are authoritative for the top level of the DNS hierarchy - although each "server" is surely a large cluster of physical machines, given the workload they handle.

How to verify whether DNS is working correctly

Jun 14, 2020 How Do I Know What DNS Server i am Using on My PC Nov 30, 2019 How to check if network traffic is using DNS resolver you